[osg-users] Geode, Geometry, glCallList, glMultMatrix and so on :)

Quanteek osgforum at tevs.eu
Sat Mar 14 09:10:24 PDT 2009

Hey Robert :)

So your advice is to :

- not using MatrixTransform or any kind of Transform node.

- precalculate the whole points of an axe and logically pre-calculate all axes. By axe I mean a kind of superposition of cylinders with different diameters.

- create an osg::Geometry for each axes by loading pre-calculated points.

- create an osg::Geometry for all leaves in the same way and not an osg::Geometry for each leaf.

The problem is that I am experiencing performance problems and when I am exporting into Collada I have got for a small tree a huge file of 15 Mo.
I have attached an osg file of my result. Maybe you will see something anormal in it. (This one is normally quick draw but I have got more huge trees).  In my attachement a black cylinder is what I call an axe (and in fact it is composed by several little cylinders). Each leaf are an osg::Geometry and there is only one osg::Geode for all leaves.

Thanks a lot for all your help :)

P.S. : Sorry for the signature :p

Benoît Bayol
benoit.bayol at gmail.com

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