[osg-users] Mouse events are default in OpenScenegraph

Rajesh.R osgforum at tevs.eu
Sat Mar 14 03:34:21 PDT 2009

Sorry, if my language was hard to understand.  

I Just want to know two basic things in OSG.

( 1 ) When we define use osg::ref_ptr<MyKeyboardMouseCallback> kbmcb = new MyKeyboardMouseCallback;  Does OSG invokes Mouse Action caller ( just like glutMouseFunc and glutMouseMotion does).
or Do we need to write our own  handler? 

( 2 ) Do we need to implement ArcBall rotation explicitly for an OSG App Or  Does it happen, When you invoke  use osg::ref_ptr<MyKeyboardMouseCallback> kbmcb = new MyKeyboardMouseCallback.

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