[osg-users] switch between two camera

Ben osgforum at tevs.eu
Fri Mar 13 07:07:03 PDT 2009

thank's, but I don't see how to use osg::CameraViews, does somebody have a little example??

I will  try to specify more what I want to do.
I have one scene to render with 2 differents views, one as a FPS 3D vue, and one as "2D vue" (the camera is on top with an orthografic vue).
Each camera has its own manipulator.

only one vue is displayed at once. I thought to make something like schema below, but I don't know how to made it with osg.
[Image: http://nsa06.casimages.com/img/2009/03/13/09031302561860352.jpg ] (http://www.casimages.com)

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