[osg-users] Bug in RenderBin (?)

Christof Krüger osgforum at tevs.eu
Thu Mar 12 02:33:15 PDT 2009

I'm using the current 2.8.0 stable release. I used the 'Browse Source' to check the current trunk version of RenderBin.cpp and I see no change since.

The actual crash occurs later in static object destruction when s_renderBinPrototypeList is destructed itself. I don't understand enough of osg to know what's exactly wrong. However, the s_registerDepthSortedBinProxy doesn't release the object it created and this looks very suspicious to me.

I hadn't had this issue when using the non-static build with VS80, so this might be a trigger. However, due to various reasons, I prefer static builds without DLLs for my current project.

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