[osg-users] OpenFlight Models?

Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
Wed Mar 11 20:21:38 PDT 2009

See http://www.vis-sim.com/performer/index.htm#Links  follow the performer
links it should get you  the Old Perfomer town model, not great but is
something to try

Also Multigen with Creator/Vega/VegaPrime supply several sample
models/terrains  as well with their products

See the Vega Town link on this page

These will most likely test the loader as they are older Openflight versions

Gordon Tomlinson 

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By any chance is anyone aware of a website that provides a few demo
OpenFlight (*.flt) urban terrains?   I would like to test out
OpenSceneGraph's capability to load in OpenFlight models.  I would like to
have a generic urban environment or large rural area.  

Thanks for any feedback that is provided.  

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