[osg-users] glActiveTextureARB in OSG

Jason Daly jdaly at ist.ucf.edu
Wed Mar 11 10:33:37 PDT 2009

Robert Osfield wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> The OSG queries OpenGL extensions at runtime, so even if the header
> doesn't contain the function then it'll be able to pick it up from the
> driver.
> As a general note, I'd recommend avoiding calling OpenGL yourself, and
> port your code across to using the OSG classes to do the OpenGL work,
> this will avoid issues with clashes of state managment and allow the
> OSG to do state sorting + lazy state updating, and it'll do the
> extension setup for you.

Hi, Martin,

First read and consider Robert's warning above (to me, it seems that 
switching the active texture unit in the middle of a traversal is just 
asking for trouble). 

Next, have you tried using just glActiveTexture() (without the "ARB")?  
glActiveTextureARB() is the function from the ARB_multitexture extension. 

Since OpenGL 1.3, multitexture has been part of core OpenGL, and the 
core function is just glActiveTexture().

Hope this helps...


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