[osg-users] QT::FramelessWindowHint and OSG

Roman Grigoriev grigoriev at gosniias.ru
Wed Mar 11 06:06:39 PDT 2009

Sorry Guys 

I solved it if you set in constructor

ViewerQOSG(QWidget * parent = 0, const char * name = 0, WindowFlags f =

            QOSGWidget( parent, name, f )

But I still have a message that recursive repaint detected if I use single
window on QOSGWidget

Is there a solution on it or it is normal?


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Hi guys!

I haven't solved the problem with creating borderless window using QT 4.4.3

AdaptorWidget and QOSGWidget don't work when I simply add this line


If anyone solved it please email me. 

Thanx in advance



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