[osg-users] osgdem question: Triangle Mesh Simplification Algorithm Based on Edge Collapse.

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 02:03:15 PDT 2009

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2009/3/11 zjhtyp_021 <zjhtyp_021 at 163.com>:
>    Hi!
>    I'm attempting to know the Algorithm of Triangle Mesh Simplification
> Based on Edge Collapse in osgdem.but there is a lack of correlative
> information,so i seek help from you.
>    Thanks in advance!

The edge collapes algorithm I implemented is based on various
published articles/papers on edge collapse, there isn't a specific one
that is the base, but they are all have a lot of similiarity,
basically :

   1.  compute the connectivity of all the triangles/points/edges for the mesh
   2. compute the "cost" of collapsing each edge, sort the edges based
on the lowest cost to highest cost.
   3. while lowst cost edge < tolerance
   4.      collapse the lowest cost edge, then recompute the cost of
all edges that surround the collapsed edge
   5. rebuild osg::Geometry from mesh representation


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