[osg-users] importing shaders

Guy guy at dvp.co.il
Mon Mar 9 23:05:26 PDT 2009

 Hope it helps, .osg files can have shaders in them. Like the Julia file
with the fractals. (It's in the data that comes with the OSG).


I have a model made in 3DS with textures and shaders and I would like to
use it within OSG. When I try displaying it with osgviewer.exe the
textures are rendered but not the shaders. 

I know shaders are algorithms, so perhaps they are not exported with the
Or 3DS may be using a DirectX shader while OSG is OpenGL based.
Am I on the right track??

Is there a way to design models with shaders and import them into OSG? 
Or do I need to manually attach my shaders with osg::Shader (which would
make models harder to design)?


(P.S. - in learning OSG I found the examples extremely useful, but I
feel many have been over engineered so that they obscure their purpose.
For instance many of the examples have a flag to use a Composite Viewer
instead of the default Viewer. I think it would be ideal for beginners
if the examples were stripped down to focus on their core

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