[osg-users] osg+QT MODKEY How to

Dieter Pfeffer dieter.pfeffer at nl.thalesgroup.com
Mon Mar 9 01:33:49 PDT 2009

Hi Legeo

I had a similar problem - using osg, qt4 and the AdapterWidget example.

In AdapterWidget::keypressEvent (...)
osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol) * (event->text().toAscii().data() returns
0 in the call
_gw->getEventQueue()->keyPress( (... ) )  for keys like:

Qt::Key_up ... Have a look at the Qt documentation Qt::Key.

I have managed it with:

int c = *event->text().toAscii().data();

if ( c == 0)


switch (event->key())


case Qt::Key_PageDown:

osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol::KEY_Page_Down );


case Qt::Key_PageUp:

osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol::KEY_Page_Up );


case Qt::Key_Up:

_gw->getEventQueue()->keyPress( osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KEY_Up);



_gw->getEventQueue()->keyPress( (osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KeySymbol) *
(event->text().toAscii().data() ) );

There might be a better solution but it works.


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  Hi all,
     I'm trying to add a Modkey event handler to my application with osg and
qt4. But it seems that the getModKeyMask() fuction fails to work. Return
value of getModKeyMask() always is 0, even if I have a MODKEY pressed. And,
this is my code:
          if ( ea.getEventType() == osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::PUSH &&
               ea.getButtonMask() ==
osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON &&
               ea.getModKeyMask() == osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::MODKEY_SHIFT )
                      do something here
  How can I handle it? Thanks in advance!



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