[osg-users] BoundingSphere with radius 0

Brian R Hill bhill22 at csc.com
Fri Mar 6 04:40:50 PST 2009


My guess is that either the node doesn't have any geometry - try writing it
out as an .osg file and look at it.

Or, the subgraph hasn't been traversed and the bounds haven't been
calculated yet.

Search on computeboundvisitor (or something like that) and run that on your
node to generate the bounding volume.


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I have a little Subgraph with a MatrixTransform and a Node. Now I need the
BoundingSphere. But when I do ...

osg::BoundingSphere boundingSphere=matrixTransform->GetNode()->getBound();
double distance = boundingSphere._radius;

...than is the "distance" = 0, but I don't know why.

What can be the problem? And can I do a new bounding sphere calculation?



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