[osg-users] ffmpeg plugin on OS X / DarwinPorts

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Wed Mar 4 02:51:06 PST 2009

Hi Robert,

On 4/3/09 9:23 PM, Robert Osfield wrote:
> I've just updated to the latest svn/trunk of ffmpeg and it's now
> doesn't contain the img_convert at all, but it does build the
> libswscale so I'll now implement the swscale code path as well as the
> old img_convert path.

Have you comitted?  I still get the old version.
Also src/osgPlugins/CMakeLists.txt has a reference to an OpenAL subdirectory that is not 

> Do you have libswscale installed as part of the DarwinPorts?   Is the
> GPL'd or LGPL'd version?

DarwinPorts builds the GPL version and has libswscale.

I've attached a compressed list of symbols in libavcodec.dylib
The only symbols regarding img_ are
single module    _img_copy
single module    _img_crop
single module    _img_get_alpha_info
single module    _img_pad

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