[osg-users] ffmpeg plugin on OS X / DarwinPorts

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Wed Mar 4 01:37:48 PST 2009

Hi Robert,

On 4/3/09 7:54 PM, Robert Osfield wrote:
>> It seems like 'img_convert' (and img_resample and others which also are in a similar
>> #if LAVC_VERSION_INT block) is just not in libavcodec... I'm investigating that.
> Curious the svn version of ffmpeg has img_convert built in, but not declared in any way
> in the headers, so to get it to work I had to add a:
> extern "C" { int img_convert(AVPicture *dst, int dst_pix_fmt, const AVPicture *src, int
> src_pix_fmt, int src_width, int src_height);
> };
> To our src/osgPlugins/ffmpeg/FFmpegDecoderVideo.cpp file.  This got things building on
> later svn rev's of ffmpeg.   You build of ffmpeg seems to be different in some way.
> You could try #if defing out the above and see what happens.

Tried that but it doesn't make a difference.  I am fairly convinced now that the symbol is 
simply not present in the library.

I understand that they want people to use swscaler but to declare it in the header file 
and not include it in the library *and* not to provide a method to detect this at compile 
time is just mean.

I'm giving trunk a go.


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