[osg-users] osgAnimation and 3ds max exporter

Roland Smeenk osgforum at tevs.eu
Tue Mar 3 13:59:17 PST 2009


here's an overview of the Collada exporters for 3DSMax that I know of:

1. ColladaMax nextgen by NetAllied Systems GmbH
-open source
-part of opencollada sourceforge project
-actively developed

2. ColladaMax 3.05C by Feeling Software
-open source
-based on FCollada 3.05C by Feeling Software
-part of colladamaya project
-less active since Feeling dropped support for the free version

3. COLLADA Premium Tools by Feeling Software
-commercial alternative to FCollada based tools
-supported and faster alternative

They all support exporting of animations.
I am already working on adding support for importing animations to the osg dae (collada) importer.


The alternative path may be directly exporting to .osg format from 3DS max. This can be done with the max plugin osgexp.
-open source
-Current version 0.9.5


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