[osg-users] OSG WIN32 debug build using VC++ 2008 - plugin load failure due to missing manifest

Sukender suky0001 at free.fr
Tue Mar 3 13:11:34 PST 2009

Hi Christian,

I'm used to manage such problems, but I don't exactly understand your situation. Plugins *should* have their manifest, as far as I know.
BTW, did you try using "dependency walker" on the DLLs?

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Le Tue, 03 Mar 2009 21:18:14 +0100, Christian Buchner <christian.buchner at gmail.com> a écrit:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been building OpenScenegraph 2.8.0 in both the debug and release
> versions on Windows using VC++ 2008 SP1.
> I am doing application development - and therefore I am often using a
> debug build of my application. This debug build also links against the
> debug build of OpenSceneGraph.
> When plugins are used, e.g. a plugin to load compressed TIFF files,
> however these plugins fail to load in debug mode - and thus the
> textures cannot be loaded. It appears that in debug mode no manifest
> file is embedded in the generated plugin DLLs. So these fails to load
> the Visual C++ 2008 debug runtime DLLs because they are installed as
> Side by Side assemblies in the Assembly Cache. When I copy these DLLs
> manually into the system's search PATH, I get a dialog box stating
> that the runtime has been loaded in an improper way and the
> application bails out.
> If anyone familiar with Win32 and CMAKE builds could look into this
> problem, I would be grateful. Thanks
> Christian
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