[osg-users] Curious osgText crash

Kim C Bale K.Bale at hull.ac.uk
Tue Mar 3 12:40:22 PST 2009

Hi Csaba,

Thanks for testing it out. No it wasn't meant to show anything. 

The problem appeared to be due to a corrupted file in my driver set, some trials with osgMemoryTest showed I was getting some peculiar texture errors there as well. Despite many attempts to uninstall and reinstall new drivers, I ended reinstalling vista and staring at progress bars for the best part of today.

However, after all that clawing and knashing of teeth, I got it working.


Cheers once again.


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On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 6:33 PM, Kim C Bale <K.Bale at hull.ac.uk> wrote:
> Occasionally this will run, but the majority of the time it bombs.
> If one of you kind ladies or gentlemen could run it and tell me if you get the same error/crash I would most grateful. I'm afraid I don't have access to a different machine to test it on at the moment.

The preRenderFBO doesn't crash (tried like 20 times), but doesn't draw
anything - maybe it isn't supposed to. Valgrind didn't report anything
out of the ordinary either.
The postRenderNormal works fine.
Using 64bit linux, OSG svn 9827, nvidia 8600M-GT, driver 180.29.

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