[osg-users] New ffmpeg plugin checked into svn/trunk

Jason Daly jdaly at ist.ucf.edu
Mon Mar 2 15:50:43 PST 2009

Sukender wrote:
> Hi Jason and Robert,
> Okay, I didn't know what you were expecting. So now I'm aware of it!
> I'm just a bit embarassed by the fact your work *may* be a duplicate (well, kind of) of what's inside osgAL. Anyway, I guess osgAudio would integrate both your work and osgAL.
> Good luck in making your plugin work!

I wouldn't be embarassed.  I think the issue is just that using osgAL 
for the ffmpeg plugin would be like attacking a flea with a sledge 
hammer (overkill  :-) ).

When osgAudio (or whatever osgAL eventually becomes) is done and part of 
the core, I imagine this little plugin will no longer be necessary.


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