[osg-users] Compressed texture

Yefei He yhe at nads-sc.uiowa.edu
Tue Mar 31 11:07:36 PDT 2009

Hi, Folks,

    If I create a flt file that uses compressed .dds files as textures, 
and then convert the flt file to ive format with the option 
"-O noTexturesInIVEFile", do I still get compressed texture when loading 
the ive file? Reading through the source code, it seems to indicate that 
the internal texture format is preserved by the dds loader as compressed
texture, and passed on to the osg core. So I assume it works. 

    I have thought of converting the flt files that uses compressed 
textures to ive files with built-in texture and with one of the compressed
texture options. But in my set up I use multiple flt files that share 
textures, and I'm not sure if with built-in textures in ive files, I will 
have multiple instances of the same texture loaded into memory, so instead 
of one uncompressed texture in memory, I may end up with 20 compressed 
texture of identical content in memory. Is this what's going to happen 
with ive files with built-in textures?



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