[osg-users] setProjectionMatrix and FOV

Tomas Hnilica tomas.hnilica at webstep.net
Fri Mar 27 04:18:47 PDT 2009

Hello osg users,

I am trying to set the camera perspective projection to 'near' 
orthogonal. I achieve desired projection by setting the FOV to some low 
number (1.0).
When the projection matrix is changed in this way, the scene is 
'zoomed-in'. This means, that MatrixManipulator::home does also zoom-in 
and the scene does not fit to the view (using TrackBallManipulator).
It is clear what happens, but how can I prevent the 'zooming' in the 
best way? I could apply some scaling factor to the MatrixManipulator, 
but this seems to me not a clean solution...

many thanks,

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