[osg-users] [3rdparty] osgModeling 0.1.1 released - subdivision supported

Martin Beckett mgb at mgbeckett.com
Wed Mar 25 09:58:34 PDT 2009

Wang Rui,
Were you planning to extend osgModelling to include generating surfaces from point clouds? 
The current DelaunayTriangulator is a bit limited. It generates surfaces with triangles that sometimes go through the surface, it seems to only be able to handle convex shapes and you can't specify boundaries.

Is anyone thinking of improving DelaunayTriangulator into a full surface meshing tool? Should I look at making the GTS lib into a plugin?

For closed surfaces this Poisson equation + octree approach works very well - http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~misha/Code/  
(click on the horse for link to code and samples - the code is BSD/MIT licenced)

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