[osg-users] osgdepthpartition and cameras

Guy guy at dvp.co.il
Wed Mar 25 04:10:45 PDT 2009



 Several days ago I asked about depthpartition, but now I've a more
complex situation that I want to figure out. It begins with depth
partition but ends up with how cameras do work.


I tried to combine the depth partition with the osgdistortion code. The
idea was to try to put cameras above and under the depth partition node
and see the effect.


I got pretty much confused. First I tried to put the DPN above the
distorted scene. It did not render correctly. Only the closer depth
interval of the two intervals was rendered.

So I tried to put the DPN above the scene and under the distortion node.
Then NOTHING was rendered. I tried to change the DPN camera render order
to PRE_RENDER. Again, nothing. Then when I changed it to NESTED_RENDER,
all was rendered but not in the correct order. So I tried to change the
RenderOrderNUM of the cameras of the DPN to "ensure" that the far
intervals will be rendered first (lower RenderOrderNUM) but it did not


So it brings up questions:

1.	Why does the RenderOrderNUM didn't have effect?
2.	Where is the "correct" place to put the DPN?
3.	Why when the DPN was above the distortion node the closer
interval was rendered, and when there is no DPN at all, the farther
interval is rendered?
4.	Why when the cameras of the DPN were not NESTED_RENDER nothing
was rendered?
5.	Would it be more correct to add Slave cameras to the scene
instead of using these cameras only in the culling traverse?



I guess that's it for now...



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