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 Khronos Banner

Big News for Khronos at 
Game Developers Conference 2009
10AM Tuesday March 24th, Room 3002

Khronos News 	
Date and Location 	
News Headlines 	
Khronos DevU @ GDC 2009	


Attend Khronos "Developer University" 
at GDC09 San Francisco
Khronos open standards are the foundation of many of the products you will
see on display at GDC and GDC Mobile. If you develop multimedia content,
attend to learn how these APIs will let you tap into cutting edge graphics
and media processing on platforms ranging from high-end workstations to
mobile phones. This day-long series of sessions will give you
up-to-the-minute updates on OpenCL, OpenGL, COLLADA, and handheld graphics
standards such as OpenGL ES and OpenVG.
Date and Location
Date: March 24th at 10AM-7PM at San Francisco, CA
Room: Moscone Center - West Hall - Room 3002
Event Page: Khronos
s.org%2Fnews%2Fevents%2Fdetail%2Fgdc_san_francisco_2009%2F&id=preview> GDC
09 event page
We start the day from 10:00am-11:00am
with a solid hour of high impact news

Streamlined OpenGL 3.1 Specification Released:
Just nine months after OpenGL 3.0; Adds cutting-edge GPU functionality

OpenCL 1.0 Implementations Close to Shipping:
Portable heterogeneous parallel computing; Seamless interop visual computing
with OpenGL

OpenSL ES 1.0 Released for Cross-Platform Audio Processing:
Extensive portable audio functionality; Enhances audio in the Khronos Mobile
API Ecosystem

Khronos Launches Initiative for Accelerated 3D on the Web:
Open call for industry participation and contributions; Project initiated by

Press Contacts
For a press briefing, please contact:

Jonathan Hirshon
Horizon Communications
Email: jh at horizonpr.com
Telephone: (+1) 408 969 4888
Mobile: (+1) 408 393 4900

Khronos Announcements - OpenGL 3.1, OpenSL ES, OpenCL

NVIDIA, Neil Trevett

State of Visual Computing Market

Jon Peddie Research, Jon Peddie

Accelerated 3D on the Web

Mozilla, Vladimir Vukicevic, Infrastructuralist

OpenCL: Khronos Overview and Introduction to OpenCL

NVIDIA, Neil Trevett

OpenCL: OpenCL Specification Overview

AMD, Mike Houston / NVIDIA / Cyril Zeller

OpenCL: Cloth Physics using OpenCL

EA, Andrew Brownsword

OpenGL: Overview

NVIDIA, Barthold Lichtenbelt

OpenGL: How To

Jeremy Sandmel

OpenGL: Blizzard's Perspective on OpenGL

Blizzard, Rob Barris

OpenGL: Transgaming's Perspective on OpenGL

Transgaming, Gavriel State

OpenGL: gDEBugger demo and announcement

Graphic Remedy, Yaki Tebeka

COLLADA: Overview of COLLADA 1.4.2 and 1.5

Biodroid, Bruno Patatas

COLLADA: COLLADA 1.4 conformance suite update

XS, Mark Barnes

COLLADA: COLLADA in Virtual Worlds

IBM, Suzy Deffeyes

Mobile: Khronos Mobile Ecosystem

NVIDIA, Neil Trevett

Mobile: Launch of OpenSL ES 1.0

ST Ericsson, Erik Noreke

Mobile: Introduction to OpenGL ES

ARM, Dave Shreiner

Latest updates can be found on the Khronos
s.org%2Fnews%2Fevents%2Fdetail%2Fgdc_san_francisco_2009%2F&id=preview> GDC
09 event page.

Details about the technology to be discussed	

s.org%2Fopencl%2F&id=preview>  (Open Computing Language) enables software
developers to take full advantage of high performance compute servers,
desktop computer systems and handheld devices that include a diverse mix of
multi-core CPUs, GPUs and other parallel processors such as DSPs. OpenCL is
being driven by industry-leading companies including 3DLABS, Activision
Blizzard, AMD, Apple, ARM, Barco, Broadcom, Codeplay, Electronic Arts,
Ericsson, Freescale, HI, IBM, Intel, Imagination Technologies, Kestrel
Institute, Motorola, Movidia, Nokia, NVIDIA, QNX, RapidMind, Samsung,
Seaweed, SONY, Takumi, Texas Instruments and Umeå University. OpenCL
supports a wide range of applications, ranging from embedded and consumer
software to HPC solutions, through a low-level, high performance, portable
abstraction. By creating an efficient, close-to-the-metal programming
interface, OpenCL will form the foundation layer of a parallel computing
ecosystem of platform-independent tools, middleware and applications. Please
join us at this tutorial for an opportunity for the HPC community to gain an
insight into the architecture and direction of this exciting development.
%2F&id=preview>  is the programming interface for cross-platform graphics
applications in a wide range of systems, from supercomputers to mobile
phones, and just like graphics hardware, it evolves with new graphics
technology. These sessions will present an introduction to OpenGL, explain
best practices for performance and compatibility with future versions of the
API, and provide a glimpse of OpenGL's future directions.
g%2F&id=preview>  defines an XML-based schema to make it easy to transport
3D assets between applications - enabling diverse 3D authoring and content
processing tools be combined into a production pipeline. The COLLADA
sessions will provide insights into how COLLADA is being used throughout the
industry- and how it can benefit your own design pipeline.
Overview of COLLADA features, such as shaders and effects, character
animation, and physics
The range of tools that work with COLLADA
Using COLLADA to create advanced content production pipelines for movies and
video games.
s.org%2Fopenkode%2F&id=preview>  - Khronos has developed a complete
ecosystem of mobile graphics and media APIs - including OpenGL ES, OpenMAX
IL, OpenVG and OpenSL ES all included in OpenKODE - that is enabling
advanced user interfaces, 3D games and other rich-media applications on a
wide range of handheld devices. This session will provide an overview of
this evolving ecosystem and detailed insights into the widely adopted APIs
for accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. If you develop multimedia content, these
APIs will let you tap into cutting edge graphics and media processing on
platforms ranging from high-end workstations to mobile phones. 	

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