[osg-users] OSX Cmake/Xcode path problems under Debug

Eric Sokolowsky esok.osg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 08:37:52 PDT 2009

When I build OSG (latest svn) with Xcode (generated by Cmake), I've
noticed some problems when compiling with the Debug configuration. I'm
trying to fix these, but if anybody has some clue how to force Cmake to
work better, please chime in.

1. I submitted a patch (not yet committed) that will use the
OSG_DEBUG_POSTFIX (by default: "d") when loading plugins, but this
depends on _DEBUG being defined at compile time. However, _DEBUG is not
being defined. Thus, plugins are not being loaded unless I put in a
symbolic link from the name OSG is expecting to the name it is actually

2. Under my build directory (I am doing out of source builds), the
libraries are built in the directory: build/lib/Debug, and the plugins
are built in the directory: build/lib/osgPlugins-2.9.1/Debug. This
causes problems when testing (without installing) because osg doesn't
try to to add the intermediate Debug directory. It would be really nice
if the two paths above were build/lib/Debug and
build/lib/Debug/osgPlugins-2.9.1. Anyone know how to get cmake to do this?


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