[osg-users] osgFX nodes with shaders with variables

paulo paulo.jnkml at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 06:27:30 PDT 2009

Well, from reading Technique.cpp I'm able to guess that I have to re-implement the traverse traverse method. 

The best idea seems to be just copy paste the Technique::traverse_implementation and for each pass implement a specific behavior.

For what I want, apply the same shader(s) several times, first each shader should be associated with a specific pass/state set. Then loop around the traverse of the Technique's children.

I think that here I can freely modify the shaders parameters, but I'm not sure.

Another problem is that I don't know for which kind of visitor I should do this. (Or even if this is the right way to do it - as there's no doc)

Someone? [Question]

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