[osg-users] DoomLike manipulator

Simon Loic simon1lolo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 04:07:27 PDT 2009

Hi guys,
I was looking for an osg manipulator fitted for walkthrough in architectural
environments. I found that the best ones were UFO, Drive and Flight. Though,
I was not really convinced by any of them as there is no direct control on
the speed but only on the acceleration. Thus, it is hard to change quickly
the direction of the movement.

Based on the UFO maipulator, I've implemented a manipulator closer to the
ones used in 3rd person games. I think it's documented enough and coded in a
simple way and so easy to review. So if some of you find it  promising and
useful, we could improve it and eventually submit it, so as to integrate it
in the osg Core.

Waiting for your suggestions.

Note: you may need to edit DoomLikeManipulator.cpp:16 #include
"../inc/DoomLikeManipulator.h" to get it compile.

Loïc Simon
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