[osg-users] OSG QT events

Roman Grigoriev grigoriev at gosniias.ru
Tue Mar 17 22:55:38 PDT 2009

Hi guys!

I try to modify QOSGWidget to work with QT dialogs so I have one problem

If I show my dialog like this in keyboard section 

  void keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent* event )


                  if(event->key()==Qt::Key_F11 )



Dialog is shown above osg window and when closed osg window works fine.

But I want to show this dialog based on my app statenot based on keyboard
event. Let's say I need to show this dialog when 

Variable flag_start=true; so I set in my updatecallback flag_start=true and
in paintevent I made

Like this

    virtual void paintEvent( QPaintEvent * event ) 



                  if (flag_start)







But when I've done this way I see dialog and it works fine but my osg window

So my question how to work with osg events with QT?

Thanx in advance




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