[osg-users] Image Resolution in VPB

Martins Innus minnus at ccr.buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 16 11:12:33 PDT 2009

	I'm using VPB to generate a terrain database with 2ft resolution 
elevation data and 1 ft resolution imagery. What I'm trying to do is 
make the imagery in the highest resolution tiles have the exact same 
resolution as the source imagery and also still be a power of 2 for the 
image tiles.
	I've verified that if I take a small input area where the source 
imagery dimensions are a power of 2, I get what i want for the final model.
	It seems that if I could tell VPB to "pad out" the extents of my input 
data to a power of 2 that should work as well.  I don't care if its 
black or garbage or whatever.

	Would the "-e" option do what I want if I specify extents larger than 
the input data?  I'm about to give that a try but it takes about three 
days for this job to run to completion, so I figured I would ask if 
anyone has tried to do the same thing.

Thanks for any insight.


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