[osg-users] RecordCameraPathHandler where is the saved_animation.path file?

schoko wikinger FelixIlbring at gmx.net
Mon Mar 16 08:13:25 PDT 2009

Hi Guys,

I have just added a RecordCameraPathHandler to my viewer and it works fine, which means the animation is recorded by pressing z and replayed by pressing Z. But the problem is the saved_animation.path file is never written, although it says so. I search the complete disk for *.path

Here is how i added the handler

osgViewer::View* viewP = dynamic_cast<osgViewer::View*>(_billInterface->getCamera()->getView());

recordHandler = new osgViewer::RecordCameraPathHandler("ETC.path");

And how do I replay the animation at the next start? I have a play button implemented in my GUI, but do not know how to implement the functionality.
like getView()->playAnimationFromFile("ETC.path")

thanks for your help
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