[osg-users] ProxyNode and output to .IVE

Steven Saunderson osgforum at tevs.eu
Thu Mar 12 21:34:18 PDT 2009

I'm generating a scene and writing it to disk for later use.  I wish to import some sub-scenes (IVE files) at run-time.  To achieve this I'm using ProxyNodes specifying the sub-scene filename.

One problem is that the full filename is stored in the OSG file I generate but not the IVE file.  If I split the filename into path and name and use setDatabasePath the path is not written to the IVE or OSG output files.

The second problem is that when I generate the IVE file the plugin creates a dummy file with the filename of the file I wish to import.  This dummy file overwrites the sub-scene file.

Is ProxyNode the proper tool for this job ?  Any suggestions or alternatives will be greatly appreciated.


-- Steven Saunderson

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