[osg-users] DrawImplementation issue with Intel video card.

hui opencvyang at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 13:33:24 PDT 2009


I meet a problem in function drawImplementation(osg::RenderInfo& renderInfo) const

Actually the code works find with nvidia and ati video card, just when I run it in intel 965GM, it get problem.

Here is the code:
 void SubmeshDrawable::drawImplementation(osg::RenderInfo& renderInfo) const
      osg::State& state = *renderInfo.getState();
      //bind the VBO's

      bool initializedThisDraw = false;
      if (!mInitalized)
         mInitalized = true;
         initializedThisDraw = true;

// notice when first time run, then mInitalized is assigned as true, and it keeps as true in nvidia or ati video card.
// But in Intel card, the value of mInitalized will change back to false again when enter the function at second time, and keep in this way until the VBO crashed. 

Any reason for that?

Thanks a lot.



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