[osg-users] Easy conversion from Flat Earth to WGS-84?

phishjam78 at yahoo.com phishjam78 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 15:28:53 PDT 2009

I currently have a scene set up and working well.  There is a top level scene node, under there are the many objects that exist in the scene.  Each object within the scene is set up as follows:

Switch --> 
Currently, the whole system works great in a flat-earth environment.  I have calculations in for using NEU, lat lon, and even WGS-84.  However, the WGS-84 bit is a bit clunky.  I am manually doing the conversion and pusing it into the PositionAttitudeTransform.  I am finding that assumptions made for the flat-earth situation do not translate easily to WGS-84.  I basically want to scrap my current WGS-84 implementation and do it "right".  Is there a simple or straight-forward way to take the scene and make it conform to a WGS-84 coordinate system?
- JohnPositionAttitudeTransform --> Group --> [Loaded Geometry, attachments to the geometry, etc]

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