[osg-users] how to use osgText to make sign

Pecoraro, Alexander N alexander.n.pecoraro at lmco.com
Wed Mar 11 12:21:22 PDT 2009

I was wondering if there was an easy way (i.e. some osgText function) to
make a backdrop quad that sits behind an osgText in 3d world space in
order to make something like a road sign with the word "STOP" on it. I
looked through the osgText documentation, but didn't see anything
obvious, but I thought I would ask just in case I missed something.


If there is not an easy way to add a background quad I was going to
combine an osgText::Text node with an osg::Billboard node that contains
a geometry node that draws a quad whose vertices are determined from the
bounding box of the osgText. I was hoping that if I used the osgText's
SCREEN axis alignment mode and the Billboard's POINT_ROT_EYE mode that
they would rotate in the same plane and that if I used the PolygonOffset
attribute on the Billboard then it would stay behind the text. Does that
sound valid?





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