[osg-users] Release schedule for OpenSceneGraph-2.8.1

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 06:26:04 PDT 2009

Hi All,

For all the testing we did on OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0 there was still a
number bugs that got through, and were only reported and fixed after
the release.  I've been merging all the appropriate fixes to both
svn/trunk and the OSG-2.8 branch.  I've not checked in any API changes
or additions to the OSG-2.8 branch so as things stand is binary
compatible with 2.8.0.

Now maintaining an OSG-2.8 only makes sense if we actually making
further releases on the OSG-2.8.x series, and it's logical that 2.8.1
should be our next release to wrap these fixes up.  The only question
would be when to go for a 2.8.1 release.  A couple of factors are at
play - one we all have our own work to get on with and testing release
candidates is a pain... it takes time and effort out of already full
schedules, so we'll want to avoid a drawn out testing period and we'll
also want to pick a period when developers are available to put time
into such a release effort.

Given that OSG-2.8.0 went through quite a bit of testing across
platforms, and that I've been pretty careful in my merges, the OSG-2.8
should hopefully be in a pretty good shape for a quick release.  We
don't want to make assumptions about this though, it only takes one
ropey change to break the build across a number of platforms, so
perhaps the first step would be for members of the community to set up
nightly builds for the OSG-2.8 once again so we can study how the code
base is standing.  If things look like they are building fine across
the main platforms then we could probably be quite confident about
going for a release candidate.

As usual the dash board can be found at:


I guess we should probably add an "Nightly-2.8 Builds" category.
CDash experts are welcome to dive in here.

Personally I'd like to get a 2.8.1 release out quickly, and only spend
a couple of days dedicated to it.  Once it's out we'll need binaries
uploaded too.  Currently I'm thinking a release date of some point
this month.  We could even go for it next week or the week after.

I can't do releases without community support though, so I'd very much
like feedback from the community on when you feel you might have time
available to help out test and what items you might see as priorities.


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