[osg-users] Anti-Aliasing and MultiSampling.

Ümit Uzun umituzun84 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 13:49:42 PST 2009

Hi Folks,

I have searched about anti-aliasing. There some choices to implement
Anti-Aliasing. And I have choosed multiSampling.

    // Get the current window size.
    ::GetWindowRect(hWnd, &rect);

    // Init the GraphicsContext Traits.
    osg::ref_ptr<osg::GraphicsContext::Traits> traits = new

    // Init the Windata Variable that holds the handle for the Window to
display OSG in.
    osg::ref_ptr<osg::Referenced> windata = new

    // Setup the traits parameters.
    traits->x                             = 0;
    traits->y                             = 0;
    traits->width                         = rect.right - rect.left;
    traits->height                        = rect.bottom - rect.top;
    traits->windowDecoration              = FALSE;
    traits->useCursor                     = FALSE;
    traits->doubleBuffer                  = TRUE;
    traits->sharedContext                 = 0;
    traits->setInheritedWindowPixelFormat = TRUE;
    traits->inheritedWindowData           = windata;
   // traits->samples                       = 4; // smoothing

In my application, I have set traits->samples  to 4 and rendering much
better before. But when I set traits->samples to 16 screen getting full
screen and flooding the related Hwnd picture control box. I am using MFC
based dialog.

I am curios about flooding Hwnd and getting uncontrolled full screen mode.
And If you know much better way to make my screen AntiAliased, please let me

Best Regards.

Ümit Uzun
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