[osg-users] Blueberry3D high detail terrain solution for OpenSceneGraph

Enrico Raue osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Mar 4 23:39:23 PST 2009

For those who aren't aware of it Blueberry3D exists in a version pluggable with OSG thanks to Blueberry3D SDK and OSG nodekit.

Blueberry3D is pushing the limits in Real-Time visualization for OSG users.
It is a tool for procedural generation of 3D databases directly from geographical raw data (orthographic images, elevation- and vector- data).
Blueberry3D uses the raw data together with automatic procedural parameters, defined by the user, to calculate, in Real-Time, the polygons needed to display the terrain scene. Thanks to this approach Blueberry3D bypasses usual limits of number of polygons in databases and makes it possible to handle databases with no limit on size with very rich details. Also this procedural approach reduces the time and costs for production of databases. This technology in combination with classical static models enhances the performances and capacity of visual systems and fits smoothly into existing production and visualization work-flows.

Send me a mail if you want to know more.

raue at bionatics.com

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