[osg-users] WPF and OpenGL popup window problem

Brian Stewart osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Mar 4 14:49:13 PST 2009


I have developed an application where I have an OSG window embedded in a windows application built with WPF. On certain Geforce cards there seems to be a bug where WPF popup windows (like menus) that have AllowTransparency set to true do not draw correctly over my OSG window. Basically whenever the OSG/OpenGL window updates, it overwrites all overlapping pixels, even if the popup is higher in the window manager's Z-order. I have isolated it to an issue with the OpenGL driver. It only occurs on Geforce cards, not Quadro cards (which is not surprising, since I've read the Geforce cards were optimized for DirectX). I'm not so much looking for a fix (though one would be welcome) - I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this. I have already filed a bug report with nvidia, and it might help if I could report that others are having issues with it too (or maybe I really am the only person out there foolish enough to try this). If anyone is interested, I can supply a small test project that uses WPF and OpenGL together to demonstrate the problem. 


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