[osg-users] Set resize NPOT hint -- add to osgUtil Optimizer?

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Mon Mar 2 13:21:20 PST 2009

Hi Robert -- I've got a client with some models that use NPOT textures. Just
loading the models and rendering them causes OSG to resize the textures to
powers of 2, even though NPOT is supported on their hardware. We need a
visitor that will walk the scene graph and call
setResizeNonPowerOfTwoHint(false) on each texture. I was wondering if there
was a larger need for such functionality? And if so, would this fit in the
Optimizer as part of the OPTIMIZE_TEXTURE_SETTINGS flag?
Paul Martz
Skew Matrix Software LLC
http://www.skew-matrix.com <http://www.skew-matrix.com/> 
+1 303 859 9466
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