[osg-users] Sharing PagedLOD node in multiple osgViewer::Viewer windows

KSpam keesling_spam at cox.net
Sun Sep 28 09:03:33 PDT 2008


Thank you for your reply.

> Could you please switch to using a CompositeViewer with multiple
> Views, rather than multiple Viewers, as you usage model is intended to
> be supported by CompositeViewer, you are much more likely to find
> success/stability when using the OSG in the way it's intended.

My application requires multiple views simultaneously in separate windows 
(some of which are render to texture only).  My understanding of 
CompositeViewer was that it supports multiple views in the same window.  Is 
this a misunderstanding on my part?

I agree that I need to use OSG as intended.  At the same time, I thought that 
multiple independent windows displaying the same (or slightly modified) scene 
would be a common use case (especially in engineering domains).


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