[osg-users] 2.6.1 release

Quinn, Gary G.Quinn at tees.ac.uk
Thu Sep 25 00:58:14 PDT 2008

Hi Paul
>> Sorry if that last email from me appeared a bit curt; 
No worries, you should see me when I fall out of bed on a morning.... or
maybe you shouldn't :-)
>> Attached is a batch file from Mike's svn tree that contains the
package version numbers. 
Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.  I was aware of some discussions on the
mailing list regarding moving to different versions of 3rd party libs,
but was unable to find the threads again.  I'd also noticed that some of
the 3rd party lib suppliers had withdrawn earlier versions - such as
zlib 1.2.2 due to security issues.
>>Do you have these same [compilation issues] when you build OSG v2.6
with these dependencies? 
LibTiff - yes.  I was kind-of hoping that someone would have a
config.h/makefile/whatever that would allow this to compile for OSG.  
ReaderWriterGif - yes.  I think it's something to do with the function
calling convention specified by libgif that doesn't work with OSG's
calling convention.  I couldn't see a way to fix this, but I'll take a
look at the version of libgif used by Mike to see if that has the
GenWrapper - no.  I've just done a rebuild on OSG 2.6.0 to check, and
didn't get a genwrapper error message.

>>Assuming you're on Windows... Many will warn you to not mix Release
libs with Debug builds. However, I have found that you can mix them if
the library meets two criteria: 1) the library interface must not use
STL, and 2) don't mix the heap (don't alloc memory in Release code and
free it in Debug, for example).  LibTiff appears to meet these criteria,
as far as I know, so you should be able to mix a Release libTiff with
your Debug OSG.
Cool - sounds like I can ignore that... for now.

Thanks for your time.

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