[osg-users] loading vrml segfault

Ben Axelrod baxelrod at coroware.com
Wed Sep 24 11:41:14 PDT 2008

This page indicates that OpenInventor only supports VRML 1.0 files.  (http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/wiki/Support/UserGuides/Plugins)  And from my own experience, OpenVRML only supports VRML 2.0 files.  Can OSG handle both of these libraries at the same time?

I am a little doubtful since the VRML file must be parsed before it can be determined if it is VRML 1.0 or VRML 2.0.  And OpenVRML segfaults when trying to load a VRML 1.0 file.

Does anyone have any experience supporting both VRML 1.0 and VRML 2.0 file types?


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Hi Ben,

   I tried your wrl files using osg with the coin3d plugin (alternate for
some of what openvrml does) and got predictable results, given your post.

   When bombing on the Bad.wrl file, coin kindly provided the following:

% osgviewer Bad.wrl
Coin read error: Unknown field "mesh" in "VRMLShape"
         Occurred at line   5 in Bad.wrl
osgviewer: No data loaded

   Maybe this will help?


On Thu, 18 Sep 2008, Ben Axelrod wrote:

> When I try to load a VRML 1.0 file in OpenSceneGraph, it segfaults.  I am using OpenSceneGraph 2.6, and OpenVRML 0.14.3.  I have attached the file that causes the segfault, as well as the same file with some minor changes to make it run properly.
> The segfault happens inside: osgDB::readNodeFile(filename).  It would be great if OSG could detect the error, and return properly with an invalid node.  But I understand if the fault is inside of OpenVRML.
> Thanks,
> -Ben
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