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What is wrong ? It does not work ? Method accepts Light ptr. If you have LightNode simply use getLight() to pass right argument.

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  it doesn't solve my problem. i will have a look into the code as soon as i have some time left


  2008/9/24 Wojciech Lewandowski <lewandowski at ai.com.pl>

    Thank You, Adrian

    Lispsm classes derive all methods from StandardShadowMap & MinimalShadowMap. StandardShadowMap has setLight method. I believe this is what you want.


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      Sorry, answered to  wrong list 
      but here i am right :-) 

      Hi all, 

      great algorithm. i have just one question. my scene has a lof of lighs, but only one should cast shadows. so would it be possible to add a method like in parallel splitted shadow map to tell the algorithm witch light it should be used for shadow casting. 

      please have a short look at : 

      this method allow to tell the sun light. :-) for example 


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