[osg-users] setLODScale affecting near far planes?

Joseanibal Colon Ramos jcolon at email.arc.nasa.gov
Tue Sep 23 12:59:45 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Good, I am happy it is all clearer now, and I am sorry it wasn't enough at
first. So back to the original issue:
I observe my problem of auto-changing near/far planes when I modify the
LODScale via "camera->setLODScale(float)". This *always* happens whether
or not culling is enabled, but of course I am not affected by this problem
when culling is disabled because no matter what values my near/far planes
have, my objects do not get culled. I enable culling via:
camera->setCullingMode(getCurrent() | osg::CullSttings::near |
osg::cullS::far)  - I don't have the code in front of me but that is the
idea. The problem I encounter is that since I am culling the near/far
planes, some objects get culled from my scene if the near/far planes shift
positions automatically. Robert already explained that with my current
near/far computing settings I will get some slight changes to the near/far
planes when changing the LODScale. Although this is undesirable for my
application, it makes sense given Robert's earlier explanation. So Paul
asks, what if I just keep the original culling mode? Well, that would be
great, it looks great and I don't have the culling problem of the changing
near/far planes, but there is one *crucial* issue: frame-rate. My terrain
is too large and I need a decent level of detail, but it winds up drawing
way too many triangles. I am attempting to find the optimal LODScale for
my app, which can get me up from 10fps to about 25-30fps at a decent
LODScale, and I also want to cull all those extra triangles, which can
pump me up to 40-50 fps, at the cost of culling objects when not desired.
I think I'll be alright, I need to play some more with the near/far
compute settings. Thanks all for your interest in this topic,


On Mon, September 22, 2008 10:52 am, Paul Martz wrote:
>> FYI, Roland is correct, the OSG just does culling on sides of
>> the frustum by default.
>> OpenGL does no culling, is just does near and far *clipping*.   The
>> OSG of course doesn't change this so will do near/far
>> clipping and the only way to switch this off is to disable
> Even that won't work; DEPTH_TEST is a fragment op, and clipping against
> the
> clip planes is done before rasterization.
>> It would seem that Paul and Gordon have confused the clipping
>> and culling a little.
> Yes, I thought the original poster was talking about enabling OpenGL
> near/far clipping (probably because I have seen so many newbies ask how to
> disable this in the OpenGL forums and newsgroups). Clearly, the original
> poster said "culling"... My mistake, and thanks to all for the
> clarification.
> Back to the original issue:
> So, you see this problem when you enable OSG culling for near/far. What
> happens if you leave this disabled (as osgviewer does)?
>    -Paul
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