[osg-users] setLODScale affecting near far planes?

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Mon Sep 22 07:46:03 PDT 2008

> Hi all again,
> Robert: for you last question; yes, I have near/far culling 
> enabled and the near/far setting is 
> compute_near_far_using_bounding_volume. If the near far 
> modification that is taking place should be very small, 
> somehow I am still getting quite significant jumps because 
> some objects near the camera get culled when I would not like 
> that to happen. When I enable culling for near/far planes, it 
> seems like osg takes into account my preferred near/far 
> planes and is NOT auto-computing. It does do some re 
> computation as I change the LODScale. Why does this happen?

You have said on multiple occasions that you are "enabling near/far culling"
-- What exactly do you mean by that? Near/far culling is always enabled in
OSG and OpenGL, so I'm curious to know what function call you are making
that you believe is enabling near/far culling.

> Paul:
> >Do you get the same behavior when viewing your database in osgviewer 
> >and hitting the * and / keys?
> >   -Paul
> Sorry Paul, but it is hard for me to say, because with 
> osgviewer I only notice the terrain loosing or gaining 
> detail, but since I am unable to dump the camera information 
> in osgviewer I cannot compare it to my application's 
> printouts of near far planes, but thanks for the advice.

If you don't get the dame behavior in osgviewer, then most likely this is a
bug in your own application somewhere, and not a problem in OSG.

You can dump the osgviewer camera information by editing the osgviewer

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