[osg-users] CompositeViewer, update traversal, prerender branch

Ralf Stokholm alfmail1 at arenalogic.com
Sun Sep 21 06:06:59 PDT 2008

Hi Fabian

Windows should handle a window that expands ower multiple devices, in our
application we have a single graphicswindow set up on two screens, the
graphics window is handmodified to position itself in the top left corner,
0,-1080 in this case and extends past both screens. I then set up two views
each taking up the space of a single monitor, and disable the window

I know there is a call to do the setup something like
setupviewacrossalllscreens or so, but I havent experimentet with that yet.
Good luck.


Ralf Stokholm

2008/9/21 Fabian Bützow <buetz at uni-koblenz.de>

> Hi Robert,
> thanks for your help in this case and thanks for all your other replies,
> you have been a great source of motivation and advice.
> However, my problem has not been completely solved, yet. You were right,
> with the single graphics context and window for all views, the textures are
> updated now in each View. Cheers! The problem is, that i want to project the
> render result with 2 or 3 projectors onto an object, each projector with an
> individual View. Is it possible to extend the one graphics window over
> several screens/projectors? With that i could undo the window decoration and
> fake two independent views..? Otherwise i probably have to use multiple
> graphics windows and share the context (what id like to avoid, since you
> said that would cause even more problems).
> Cheers,
> Fabian
> ps: i try to summarise, my (restricted) knowledge of graphics
> window/context etc.. Maybe others can contribute to that as well.
> When you dont specify a graphics context for a View, osg generates a new
> unique one for each View. Graphics contexts comprise basically everything
> you need for standard rendering, buffers etc. The scene data of the View is
> copied. Each graphics context is displayed in a new graphics window. (One
> graphics context->one window, multiple Views->multiple graphics
> contexts->multiple graphics windows).
> An update traversal is done only once per scenegraph(?), starting from the
> View that is placed highest in the scenegraph. After that cull and draw
> traversals are executed for each View.
> [Prerender cameras nodes under a View in the scenegraph are rendered once
> for each View, the results of this step are not shared among the Views.]
> hmm->more assumptions than knowledge..i should better stop ;)
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