[osg-users] Problems with multi-monitor and DrawThreadPerContext mode

Wojciech Lewandowski lewandowski at ai.com.pl
Thu Sep 18 09:04:59 PDT 2008

Hi Serge,

Try latest NVidia 177.92 beta drivers. They fixed my latest problems related 
to multithreaded use. Also may I suggest to stick to --SingleThreaded and
--CullDrawThreadPerContext modes while testing ? If everything goes fine 
then try other threading modes. Default threading mode is 
DrawThreadPerContext and is usually not a safest one to work with 


> Hi Serge,
>> Anyone has already seen such a problem ? Or anyone has some success with 
>> multi-monitor on WinXP and NVidia cards ?
> Search the archives for multi-monitor, Windows XP, NVidia. You'll find 
> extensive discussion in the past few months, with great investigation by 
> Wojtek Lewandowski. But the problem noted then should be worked around by 
> a double MakeCurrent call, so if you're indeed using OSG 2.6+ then perhaps 
> your problem is a different one.
> Here we use OSG on multi-monitor setups on both XP and Vista and for the 
> most part things work well, though we use the threading mode that OSG 
> chooses for us so I'm not sure it's the same one you use.
> Sorry I can't help more,
> J-S
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