[osg-users] Multi-pass rendering in OSG

J.P. Delport jpdelport at csir.co.za
Wed Sep 17 08:38:52 PDT 2008


have a look at the osgstereomatch example, there is a multi-pass algo 
example. See the readme of that too.

Also search the list archives for osgPPU.


Thrall, Bryan wrote:
> I'm attempting to implement a multiple pass rendering algorithm in OSG,
> but I'm not sure what the best way is. I am just learning how to do this
> and how to use Frame Buffer Objects. I initially tried to implement an
> osgFX::Effect, since it supports multiple passes transparently. The
> problem is how to pass the data between the passes.
> The algorithm is to render the model to a texture, then process that
> texture over 3 passes and composite it back into the scene. I used the
> osgprerender example to do the first part using
> osg::Camera::FRAME_BUFFER_OBJECT without problems. I then tried to use
> osg::FrameBufferObject to pass the data from the first processing pass
> to the second, but it doesn't work. It looks, from
> osgUtil::RenderStage's Camera support, like osg::FrameBufferObject can't
> be used simply by adding it to a StateSet, but it needs
> glCheckFrameBufferStatusEXT after the apply(). Is this a limitation of
> osg::FrameBufferObject, or am I missing something?
> My current attempt is to use nested osg::Cameras with
> osg::Camera::POST_RENDER for each pass, like so (hoping the ASCII art
> turns out...):
> Root
> |->Camera(PRE_RENDER)
> ||->Model
> |->Camera(POST_RENDER)
> ||->Pass 1 quad
> ||->Camera(POST_RENDER)
> |||->Pass 2 quad
> |||->Camera(POST_RENDER)
> ||||->Pass 3 quad
> ||||->Camera(POST_RENDER)
> |||||->Final pass quad
> At each pass, the texture target from the Camera's FBO is used to
> texture the quad for the next pass (with shaders attached to the next
> pass's StateSet to do the processing).
> Is this a recommended approach? Are there any requirements on the
> Cameras (Transform values, ABSOLUTE_RF, etc.) I should be configuring?
> Thanks,
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> Bryan Thrall
> FlightSafety International
> bryan.thrall at flightsafety.com
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