[osg-users] Problem with local coordinate!

Tomlinson, Gordon GTOMLINSON at overwatch.textron.com
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You have to work out what their current centers are,  say the instance center is 10,10,10 then then add a static transform to move these to the origin,  -10,-10,-10, then if to want to move these instances around you could simply flatten the object so the transform is applied to the verts etc or add a dynamic transform above the static transfom among other options


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Hi all,
just a simple question, and I can't find related topics on the group. 
How can I get/set my components' local center coordinate? I have lots of components, all of them are contained in one 3DS model and have it's own local coordinate.
I used matrixtransform to set a component's position to (0,0,0) but it didn't translate to the origin, and all components' position is like in the model. Then I used matrixTransform to rotate a component around it's local axis, it still worked but it's position (gettrans()) always change.
I really don't understand this, I don't want to seperate the model to many components. Any support'd be appreciated.

Thanks, Best Regards.


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