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The rule of thumb is that the  Data Variance should be set to DYNAMIC on instances that change once that have been added to the Scenegraph. The short reason why is that this allows the Cull and draw threads to correctly handle and stage any changes that may be made in the app threads to the instances 


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In OSG 2.6, is the DataVariance value only used by the Optimizer or is it also used during the frame processing? 

I've had some problems in the past with the StaticObjectDetectionVisitor and the Optimizer (assume "sharing" part of the Optimizer) doing some things to my scene graph which cause it to render incorrectly when I don't specify my DataVariance as being DYNAMIC. 

Is there a reason why there is a StaticObjectDetectionVisitor being done when setSceneData() is performed independent of the Optimizer settings? Is the DataVariance value used by something other than the Optimizer?

Paul P.

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