[osg-users] Setting minimum hardward/drivers specs for osgVolume to OpenGL 2.0 era hardware

Adrian Egli OpenSceneGraph (3D) 3dhelp at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 04:42:30 PDT 2008

Hi Robert,

For volume rendering we can ask for OpenGL 2.0 / GLSL shaders. for me no
problem. most of the volumes are huge and big objects, and so we need modern
I saw that you added a new library called osgVolume,  what is planned for
the near feature: ?

( ? ) color / transparency transfer function (1D)
( ? ) shading / lighting
( ? ) multi volume fusion
( ? ) ...
( ? ) image processing or should we adapt ITK as image processing library


2008/9/17 Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> With the osgVolume project my plan was initially just to require
> Texture3D so we wouldn't have to mess around with stacks of Texture2D
> as a fallback.  Last night on pondering different elements of design
> it occurred to me that all the rendering techniques of real interest
> can only be implemented with shaders or on the CPU using race tracing,
> there simply isn't a way to create a fixed function pipeline.  Since
> the fixed function fallbacks will be very limited compared to the ray
> traced versions it begs the question whether this limited
> functionality justifies the extra complexity in providing fallbacks.
> Personally I'm rather tempted to conclude that setting minimum spec
> for osgVolume to be GLSL and Texture3D support (i.e. OpenGL 2.0 era
> hardware) would be a reasonable thing to do.  If you are going to try
> volume rendering then you need modern hardware anyway just to cope
> with the demands on memory size and memory bandwidth, and all modern
> graphics hardware supports at least OpenGL 2.0.
> Would a minimum spec of OpenGL 2.0 be acceptable for osgVolume users?
>  Thoughts?
> Robert.
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Adrian Egli
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