[osg-users] Vanishing Particles

b boltze con at bspot.de
Tue Sep 16 12:51:39 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,

I don't know whether it's considered rude to just appear and ask stupid 
questions on this list. But at the moment I don't know where else to go, 
so... well, I'll just ask my stupid question:

I have setup a ParticleSystem. I store all the particles created for that 
system in a separate place; actually an array of particle pointers. Also, all 
particles have infinite lifetime, i.e. lifetime is set to 0.

After some time, when I walk through my separate array, some of the particles 
have vanished from the system: looping over all particles using 
system->numParticles and system->getParticle, I can't find them anymore, and 
when I try to access them using my pointer, I get a segfault.

Unfortunately, I have no idea, where those particles might get deleted. 

Could someone please give me a hint?


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